People with Borderline Personality Disorder have big emotions. They tend to be volatile, with ups and downs and frequent change of plans. They act in impulsive, often unexpected ways and are sometimes dangerous to themselves.Learn More
DBT is a successful evidence-based treatment for BPD. DBT-based family skills are centered on this therapy and offer specific, action-oriented guidance towards improved relationships and problem solving.Learn More
Together we will explore whether DBT skills can help you and if so, over a few short weeks we will practice and refine their application together - without actually having to become a therapist.Learn More
Only a few years ago, a Time Magazine cover proclaimed: Borderline Personality: the Disorder Doctors Fear the Most. Now, thanks to widely available resources, conferences and the effectiveness of the treatment, stigma is reduced and family members are engaged in helping their relatives lead hopeful lives. This section contains some links to important resources. Take a look.Learn More
Families share how learning DBT skills has made a profound difference in their lives. And although our loved ones benefit most from therapy, evidence shows that skilled family interactions affect them positively.Learn More
My experience is unique and multi-faceted: I am the parent of a daughter who manages her BPD symptoms and with whom I enjoy a close and loving relationship. As part of my MSW curriculum, I trained extensively in the DBT program of Yale-New Haven Psychiatric Hospital.Learn More